Rules and Tech Info

This Event is noncompetitive and will be run under controlled conditions, but will be fun and a learning experience for all who attend. The rules will be adhered to by all with no exceptions to them:

Items that will be looked at during tech inspection:

For modified vehicles, we strongly recommend additional safety equipment:

(these are not required, but suggested for faster cars for your safety)

This will determine what session you will most likely be in. Try to place yourself accordingly.

Group A: "Assertive" Class
These drivers are seasoned and drive other tracks and events. Drivers are capable of driving aggressively in a safe manner. Drivers are very comfortable passing and being passed within the set passing zones.

Group B: "Advanced" Class
Drivers have driven Road America and other tracks and events, and may drive more conservatively than the "Assertive" Class. Drivers are comfortable passing and being passed.

Group C: "Intermediate" Class
Drivers have limited track time and drives conservatively. Passing may be limited in the class due to experience and comfort levels.

Group D: "Novice" Class
Driver has little or no track experience and will drive very conservatively in this group. Very little passing expected.

  1. All classes must observe the same passing/ no passing zone markers and proper passing procedures.
  2. Cars with street tires and completely stock brakes are recommended to be placed in the C & D groups.

Midwest F-Body Association Inc. reserves the right to change/modify grouping assignments as needed.

Everyone will know and respect all the event rules that are implied by Road America and the MFBA staff.

Questions regarding grouping, please E-mail us at: